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The Secure Email Gateway Service from Trumbull Technology Team offers industry leading enterprise protection against advanced threats, compliance risks, and digital fraud for a small business budget.

Secure Email Gateway is a complete cloud-based security and compliance solution designed to integrate with your existing email solution. It combines email security, social media protection, email continuity and archiving. Together these capabilities protect small and medium size businesses from today’s advanced threats, compliance risks and digital fraud. It’s powered by our enterprise-class security technology – but designed for small and medium businesses.  

Secure Email Gateway Service stops email threats, including mail fraud before they can cause lasting harm. It also provides policy-based outbound protection to files and emails leaving the environment. Email continuity ensures email can continue emailing as normal, even when your existing solution is down. And archiving preserves all emails and attachments for easy compliance. 

Secure Email Gateway Service keeps you filly protected. Our cost-effective, easy-to-manage, solution improves security and lowers management overhead and includes our 24/7 support for setup, configuration, and operation. 

Secure Email Gateway Service offers month-to-month billing. With no long-term contracts, you get the flexibility needed to effectively secure your businesses.



  • Robust anti-spam and multi-layered anti-virus

  • Advanced sandboxing of malicious URLs and attachments

  • Data loss prevention

  • Intelligent content filtering

  • Search and e-discovery cloud email archive

  • Redelivery of any inbound email lost or deleted in the last 30 days

  • Protection of social media properties from spam and malware

  • Emergency inbox for 24/7 email continuity

  • Image-scanning technology remove illicit images


  • Clean, easily navigated interface

  • Single login for complete admin control

  • Per-user controls and quarantine access

  • No minimum number of users

  • Configuration and Integration included


Professional email and messaging support is available 24/7.

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